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Life has gotten incredibly busy lately! I've been all over the place saying goodbye to friends and getting ready to go to Tokyo and welcome in new ones. This time of year is always so hectic with things to do and people to see that it's easy to get caught up in it.

This weekend Chris and I went to Miyazaki for an awesome event put on by the ALTs (Assistant Language Teachers, for those who don't know) in Miyazaki. I wanted to talk about this and knock out two 100 things topics at the same time! So here we go!

Usually, in the Moto, ALT Events are held once a month or once every two months. Usually they involve going to the city and drinking while the city ALTs stand around and act like the popular kids in high school. Y'know, because they live there.

Since I got here, it's gotten a lot better. There are several charity events that are staples every year. We have a Valentine's Day Auction where people are sold for dates and the money goes to charity. We have an awesome Halloween party in an abandoned shopping mall in the middle of nowhere (that's right, ABANDONED) and we have a big talent show every year.

There are other events that pop up here and there and they're all pretty fun but I don't find myself going to a lot of them. It just seems to be the same thing over and over a lot of the time.

However recently, a Miyazaki ALT posted on the Kumamoto group and invited everyone to an event that they were all having.

The Amazing Race Miyazaki.

Now, I've seen the Amazing Race on TV before and I think it is such a cool idea!! I say that I could do it...but I don't know. It's pretty intense. But in Miyazaki?! It sounded like a GREAT idea!

Chris and I plus my friend in Fukuoka, Kay, formed a team and descended upon Miyazaki prefecture in a flurry of excitement and competitive spirit! Kay and I hadn't actually met each other prior to Facebook, but she's an awesome girl!!! We instantly clicked right away and are totally on the same wavelength. Chris, Kay and myself were the only ones who came from outside the prefecture for the event...and we were in it to win it.

We stayed with the Miyazaki ALT who was running the whole thing. She was also hella cool! Turns out she was a MASSIVE fan of the Amazing Race and was planning to try out for it when she got back to the states.

THE AMAZING RACE: MIYAZAKI! How did we do? Did we win? There are some cool pictures under here to save your flist! )
All in all, it was an awesome time! Even two days after, I'm still a bit exhausted but it was totally worth it. I made some great new friends and got to see Miyazaki City like never before! P.S. bitchy 'We're ORANGE' girl? She came in second to LAST! Karmaaaaa

(not pictured: Junya)


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