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I love recycle stores in Japan.

In the US, I would occassionally go to Goodwill or other secondhand stores like Buffalo Exchange etc. The potential for finding treasures there was always high and I often found quirky, strange and sometimes horrendous clothing and objects that I'd proudly claim as my own.

In Japan, secondhand stores are ridiculous. There are normal shops that are about the size of a Goodwill or so, but the quality of items is so much higher here. I guess that in Japan, something is considered 'old' after roughly two years. So because of this, it's possible to find some sweet deals on everything from clothes to cameras and games etc.

There are regular recycle stores, but they also have GIANT recycle stores. At least in Kumamoto, there are quite a few of them. Stores that have everything. Like...quite literally they have EVERYTHING!

These super stores are incredible because they have so many goods to offer. Clothes, accessories, figurines and toys, games, game systems, collector's trading cards, manga, anime, dirty magazines, fishing equipment, UFO catchers, purikura, various hobby stuff etc etc etc etc

In my city, one of these super stores opened up and it's been a madhouse ever since.

The thing about these stores that I've noticed, though, is that I can only be in them for a certain amount of time before I need to leave. It's so overstimulating and I really don't think that my brain can handle it.

For example, you enter the store via the game section. There are massive displays of Xboxes, PS3s, Wiis and other consoles with decorations thrown all over. In the game section, there's a massive Mario statue and further into the store they have a huge display devoted to One Piece complete with a big TV that's blaring an episode on loop.

There's also American pop music blasting in the clothing section, various other music blasting in the CD/DVD section (five feet away), videogames that are blipping and blopping and nonstop looping videos on the garish AKB48 shrine.

And over all of this, there's an intercom that the poor workers yell into to inform the people who are selling their goods. Among this, they also repeatedly welcome you into the store and thank you for your patronage.

If this weren't an onslaught for your ears already, there are dozens of interesting things that demand attention for your eyes. There are videogames to be played with, toys in various poses to see, bright, flashing signs, cute characters and other oddities like this:

and yes, that is a crucified Kermit the Frog.

It's quite easy to get lost inside these labryinths for an hour or more. There's just so much to see and do. I feel so bad for the poor workers, but I assume one would get used to it after a while.

So yeah, in closing, Japanese recycle stores are great. They're full of weirdness and novelty shit that I think American ones could benefit from dearly!
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